Capacitive level detection

Level detection in bulk solids and liquids

Measuring principle

Sensor and vessel form the two electrodes of a capacitor. A capacitance change caused by a level changeis processed by the integrated electronics and converted into a switching signal. The capacitive measuringprinciple makes no special demands to installation and mounting. Due to the availability of robust cable and rodversions, suitable instruments are available for all applications. The shortenable, partly insulated cable and rodversions offer also the advantage of an individual adaptation to all local conditions.


Switching in liquids

Mainly fully insulated instrument versions are used in these applica-tions. Hence level detection of corrosive liquids or adhesive productsare no problem. The mounting of the instruments is easy and the rugged construction is the basis for a long interference and mainte-nancefree operation.The VEGACAP is used as overfil protection, dry run protection, oil/water detection and for foam detection in vessels and pipelines, also in safety-relevant applications up to SIL2.