Outdoor Gas Heaters

Especially after the lockdown experience, the importance of outdoor spaces at home has been rediscovered and now no one wants to do without them anymore, not even with the arrival of the cold. Find out how to heat a balcony, terrace, veranda, gazebo or pergola (paying attention to permits) in winter . Outdoor spaces are considered a very important plus for a home, an outdoor public place, a feature that in some cases represents an authentic luxury. To make the most of them even in winter, there are various solutions on the market. For those who want to make their terrace, garden or an area adjacent to their premises a real "environment" where they can spend evenings outdoors with friends even in winter, below from the Hobby & Work line we are offering you a series of perfect solutions that allow you to enjoy the outdoors by relaxing alone or in a group next to a sweet warmth.

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