Gas Emergency - Become autonomousand get over the crisis with SNG!

The right solution if methane prices "skyrocket" or if it becomes unavailable...


Today, we at TAG srl [a company integrated in the Boldrin Group] using consolidated CAM technology, present in the world with over 50 years of history, can offer the right solution with our gas mixing units both efficiently and safely; interchangeable gases in traditional gas pipelines that carry methane gas.

Our gas mixing units work safely and efficiently because our engineering is rooted in the laws of fluid dynamics. Before focusing on our technical solutions, let us highlight the advantages of interchangeable gas distribution compared to the distribution of a single energy source. The availability of an interchangeable gas mixture with a primary gas (interchangeability is given by a mixture ratio that provides the same Wobbe Index as the primary gas) offers gas distribution companies and energy operators the possibility of distributing a gas mixture as an alternative to, or in addition to, a primary gas.

On the field, this option means:

  • reducing strategic dependence
  • increasing bargaining power
  • managing the "cut" of consumption peaks (or containing consumption peaks not included in contracts)
  • covering peak demand

An example is the distribution of #SNG (Syntetich Natural Gas), a mixture of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and regulated air to provide the same Wobbe Index as natural gas.

  • by distributing SNG, where natural gas is not available, gas distribution companies anticipate delivery of natural gas;
  • by distributing SNG as an alternative to natural gas, gas distribution companies reduce economic and strategic dependence on natural gas;
  • by distributing SNG, in addition to natural gas, gas distribution companies cover peak demand;
  • by distributing SNG instead of LPG in cylinders or small tanks, gas distribution companies enable their customers to operate more efficiently, reduce pollution and increase safety.

Our gas mixing units are designed to deliver other gas mixtures as well; we have extensive experience in mixing industrial process gases that have different features than LPG or Methane.

Over 500 systems have been active worldwide for decades, check out our case histories on as evidence of what we have achieved so far.