NRG TECH srl was founded in 2012 as a new reality in the world of electronics applied to the detection of gas leaks both in production and in the research for the design and manufacture of products for different sectors, from industry to civilian.

The choice of brand NRG (Energy) TECH was the work of the business group founder, who strongly each individual experience and oriented to follow in the footsteps of the business created by the Group companies Boldrin, wanted to name the "doing business" today: that is the need to re-evaluate the skills and experiences that each member has accumulated over the years and in different contexts around the world gas to translate them into innovative products and efficient.

NRG TECH is a new frontier for those who, like us, love always find new and positive challenges. We strongly believe that customer support is, above all, an active exchange of information, a service based on a solid and diversified know-how that is able to provide:

- Technical assistance through the sharing of knowledge and information with customers and a close partnership with manufacturers;
- Complex problem solving customer with the help of competent staff;
- Constants and product updates targeted to the needs highlighted by the users;
- Sharing with customers of the skills required to use the products;
- Quality assurance, developed through the analysis of user feedback and internal testing product

Thinking about the future for NRG TECH means to excel without ever failing enthusiasm and the desire to break new ground and to seek different solutions company serving as flexible, reliable and competent in the design and manufacture products for industry and civil.