Explosimeters Atex portable.

Explosimeters Atex portable.

Boldrin is a specialist in systems and technology in gas detection, and distributes a popular range of fixed and portable devices that protect against risks from toxic and flammable gases.

Our Neotronics range, suitable for commercial and industrial protection portatitle provides robust and reliable, while the fixed detection instruments Sieger, Zareba and MDA Scientific solutions offer secure, flexible and intelligent for a wide range of gases.

Decades of experience and commitment to innovation has meant that each of our products were manufactured under the highest standards of quality and reliability.The result is total protection for people, for the materials and processes - in the most extreme conditions and locations.

An excellent position to provide protection against hazardous gases laptop

Neotronics range of portable gas detection has been developed especially to enable businesses to ensure safe working conditions in areas where access is difficult or where there are no fixed system to continuously monitor potential risks.

Thanks to a smart sensor technology, these devices provide the highest possible standard of detection for a wide range of flammable and toxic. Whether for reasons of personal safety and for compliance with the standards of health and safety or other rules of law, all products are designed to ensure Neotronics comfort and handling and to withstand intensive daily use - in a commercial or industrial, indoors or outdoors and in all conditions: - warm and wet, dry and dusty, cold and wet, illuminated or dark.

Protection versatile in any place

This range of portable gas detection can be used independently or integrated with portable or fixed systems and is used in many industrial sectors. 

• In the chemical industry, oil and gas, for example, personal gas detectors are often used before starting work in confined spaces such as tanks and pipelines.

• Detection of gas for personal use is also essential on platforms and drilling and production in the field of oil exploration areas and loading / unloading part of the distribution of oil and gas.

• In the public utilities (water and electricity), gas detectors for personal use are often required to inspect areas difficult to access or for maintenance and routine checks.

• In the food industry personal protective gases is required for personnel working in the vicinity of ammonia refrigeration plants.

Boldrin is able to offer practical solutions wherever needed protection from gas hazards. 

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