NRG TECH offers its clients both pre and post-sales technical services to support them in selecting the best installations and equipment. It also provides start-up interventions, technical assistance and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance based on specific customer requirements. The technical service.

NRG TECH is also able to hold training courses on its premises or that of the client.

According to the need expressed by the client, NRG TECH, with its SEISMIC DEVICE range of products can carry out a morphological characterisation of the territory on which the SISMALOCK® (SL) device is installed. Thanks to a database that acquired approximately 200 years of seismic events in the world, and the use of the seismographic centre FF we can “weed out background and disturbing noises” by mapping the minimum area of 5 km2 giving the possibility to reconfigure and subsequently calibrate the sensor based on (in the specific case, Italy) the data published by INGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology) and the log of the area of competence and future probabilistic projections estimated by the same Institute (doing so we are able to update the SL device with a certain periodicity related to events that also occurred subsequently). In turn, the SISMALOCK® (SL) system, equipped with relay output and 4/20 mA, can be interfaced to further intercepting devices, to monitoring systems (PLC, BMS, etc.), and phone controllers.

When the SISMALOCK® (SL) is used in hazardous environments (steel mills, foundries, industrial furnaces, petrochemical, flammable product departments, landfills, etc.), it can be redundantly interfaced with other SL systems to make the signals more efficient and performing. This also enables to operate even more selectively by adopting the “two or three” method thanks to the interface with the FF centre.

These devices are highly valued by various RTC (Regional Technical Centres) and are used in those industrial sites subjected to the Seveso regulation (Legislative Decree 105 of 26 June 2015) and the Official Gazette of 29/10/2003.