Affiliation program

The NRG TECH affiliation program connects selected partner companies with companies seeking the assistance of an expert in sensorial preventive technologies. We are pleased to present you a new way to grow your business, being a Premium Partner is a symptom of quality at the highest levels both in daily work and in the installation of our technologies because NRG TECH has always invested important resources in the technical and commercial training of its collaborators and in their preparation through refresher courses on both the latest product news and those relating to the installation of their products

How to obtain the NRG Tech Partner badge

Once your company has joined the free NRG TECH Partner program, it can qualify for NRG TECH partner status. The achievement of the partner status indicates that your company has demonstrated ability and competence in the range of products proposed by us, has met the spending requirements of NRG TECH products, has favored the most suitable choice of our products with customer satisfaction and has maintained and expanded its customer base. Partner status offers your company numerous advantages, such as the NRG TECH Partner badge, which you can insert on your website and in marketing materials.

      Benefits for the Partners

  • Achievement of the status of partner: by passing the training courses, your company will be able to achieve eligibility for the status of partner. Companies that qualify for Partner status receive the Partner or Premier NRG TECH Partner badge. The badge indicates that you have demonstrated ability and competence on our products, you have met the spending requirements of NRG TECH, you have favored a growth in the revenue of your company and the customer and you have maintained and expanded your customer base.
  • Achievement of specialization areas: companies that have partner status and meet the requirements can obtain specializations. With the areas of specialization you can highlight your agency's experience with specific products to win new customers and stand out on the market
  • Search for new customers: companies that obtain the Partner badge or Premier NRG TECH Partner can be included in NRG tech Partner Search, our partner search engine. Those who visit our website using NRG TECH Partner Search to find companies that can help them solve needs related to the use of our products.
  • Contact with NRG TECH: companies that have obtained the status of partner can access other events, training courses and so on. They can also take advantage of promotional offers for both potential and existing customers

Premium Partner

Regione Lazio

DHS srl

Address: Via Carlo Muscetta 60
00139 • Roma
Tel. +39.06.8819142
Fax. +39.06.60513630


Regione Lombardia

NSC Italia Sistemi di Sicurezza Srl

Address: Via Cipro, 1
25124 Brescia BS
Tel. 030 2219 3265

Regione Veneto

Toninato Giorgio

di Rigato Claudia & C. snc

Address: Via Villanova, 77/B
35020 Villatora di Saonara (PD)
Tel. +39.049.8791358
Fax. +39.049.640725

Regione Abruzzo


di Emidio Collevecchio

Tel. + 39 335 7711492


Business Partner

Regione Piemonte

Abes srl

Address: Via Traversella 13/A
10148 • Torino
Tel. +39.0734.227.151

Emirati Arabi

Alfanagar gas

Address: P.O. Box 45020, Abu Dhabi
Emirati Arabi Uniti
Tel. +9712.6423372
Fax +9712.6423352


Energy Saving
Solutions Co., ESSCO

Address Union Bldg Sanayeh P.O.Box
11-1197, Beirut , Lebanon
Tel. +961.1.75.444.2
Fax +961.1 75.444.2



Address: Ιουλιανού 61-63 & Φυλής,
Αθήνα, 10433
Tel. 210 8811100 – 8810500


Mako Internacional
S.A. de C.V.

Address: Calzada de Las Palmas N- 61
Col. Ciudad Granja
Zapopan, Jalisco, México. C.P. 45010
Tel. +33.3609.1092