Air gas ratio control

Application: The air/gas ratio controls GIK serve to maintain a constant air-gas ratio and to regulate the gas pressure upstream of gas burners on installations without preheated combustion air.
GIK for continuous , GIK..B with bypass for high/low/off control .
Zero-pressure re
gulation with conversion kit. 
EN 746-2 demands that a burner always be ignited with a stable gas-air mixture. This requirement can be met with the aid of the air/gas ratio control. EC type-tested and certifIed to the Gas Appliances Directive (90/396/EEC).

·  For maintaining a constant gas-air  mixture
·  For continuous and step-by-step  burner control 
·  High regulating precision
·  Wide regulating range 
·  Maintenance-free 
·  EC type-tested and certifIed