Gas leak detectors (for systems)

The RV150.09 uses an internal catalytic sensor to detect either methane or LPG.  Sensitivity is calibrated within 10% of the LEL. The device has a built-in relay to operate solenoid valves, sirens and other warning and alarm devices. Clever technical solutions make this detector extremely versatile, reliable, precise and safe to use. A jumper inside the device can be set for pulsed relay functioning for operating manual reset solenoid valves, or continuous relay functioning for operating class A solenoid valves and sirens. Because the relay is voltage free, more than one detector can be installed on a single solenoid valve to monitor a number of environments. A special electronic circuit monitors the efficiency of the catalytic sensor and signals any error condition. An index of protection of IP55 permits use even in critical humidity conditions, and wherever applicable standards require this level of protection. This detector is therefore ideal for use in industrial environments, kitchens and garages.