GDT5 - Sismagas


The Gas Detector with Earthquake-proof Device, thanks to its innovative “Seismic Detection” feature and the possibility of selecting the “Intrinsic Safety Control”, is a leading-edge technological device. 
A microprocessor was used to create a complete surveillance and control system with maximum flexibility.
Together with its catalytic sensor technology, it detects the presence of explosive gas, such as: Methane and LPG, with trip threshold calibrated at 10% of Lower Explosion Limit. 
Using the built-in relay it can activate: solenoid valves, sirens, and any other alarm signal device. 
The micro switch makes it possible to select the relay impulse functioning, to connect manual reset solenoid valves, or the continuous functioning, and to activate N.C. class “A” solenoid valves and sirens. 
Another micro switch allows turning on/off the “Intrinsic Safety”. The power supply unit allows driving of a manual reset solenoid valve with a 12Vdc coil, without any buffer battery. If the voltage absorption is too high, you can later integrate a suitable backup battery. The battery is recharged automatically. 
The “Seismic Control” allows closure of the solenoid valve, stopping the gas original source! This control is vital in seismic regions! The relay, free of voltage, allows installation of multiple detectors on a single solenoid valve, providing control of multiple dangerous environments. 
The technical scheme is completed by a circuit that controls the catalytic sensor “efficiency level”, and signals any possible fault. 
These technical features make the detector ideal for civil environment safety according to EUROPEAN REGULATIONS.