Ice Chains


The innovative non-slip sottoscarpa work exactly like snow chains for car tires and can be easily attached to any kind of shoe, for a total safety in case of slippery ice.

Equipped with durable metal tips, the Ice Chains allow you to have a good grip on any slippery surface, from snow to ice slippery, giving you the security to prevent disastrous falls. 

Great for winter walks, the sottoscarpa Ice Chains are ideal for those who are usually winter sports and, why not, to shovel the snow from the courtyard when he falls in abundance. The special tips also ward off the risk of falls on floors and stairs covered with frost morning. 

Easy and convenient to be applied to shoes, Ice Chains allow you to walk safely without the risk of slipping. For this reason, they are particularly recommended for people who work outdoors, the elderly and children. 

Under shoe antislip universal  :

- 5 nails resistant metal embedded in the band for optimal grip in resistant rubber

- Quick and easy to wear

- Also ideal for shoes with high heels

- The package contains a pair of antislip