Diaphragm gas meter classe G10

The gas meter  G10 is designed for measurement of gas supplied to industrial plants where maximum consumption of gas is equivalent to 16m3/h of air of density of 1,2 kg/m3.

The gas meters can be used for measurement of:

● Natural gas

● City gas

● Propane-butane gas

Gas meter in its standard version is equipped with pulse magnet. Pulse transmitter (see photo) can be added at any time (1 imp = 0,01m3).


Technical Data

Maximum flow rate: Qmax = 16 m3/h

Minimum flow rate: Qmin = 0,1 m3/h

Nominal flow rate: Qn = 10 m3/h

Cyclic volume: V = 5 dm3

Max. working pressure: Pmax = 0,5 bar

Index max indication 99999,999 m3

Starting flow rate: 13 dm3/h

Weight: 6,8 kg