Pulse generator for diaphragm gas meter

The pulse transmitter NI-3 is a reed contact (magnetic) of low frequency designed to generate and transmit electrical pulses in order to record the volume of gas passed through a gas meter of the residential type diaphragm.

Technical Data:

Supply Max: 24 V DC

Max Current: 100 mA

Max power: 0.6 W

Minimum pulse width: 0.3 sec

Max resistance: 0.75 Ω

Connection cable: 2m (10m optional)

principle of Operation

The magnet moved to the last wheel of the numerator closes the reed switch at every turn by sending electrical impulses proportional to the volume of gas measured.

The control circuit indicates abnormal situations such as:

- Attempts locking with strong magnets

- Interruption of the connection cable


It can be installed at any time without damaging the seals metric.