ACoS 002 - mobile boiler

Thermal electric system adjustable from 1 to 16 kW, suitable for water production at low and high temperature, complete with pump, HT-LT temperature limit probe, temperature sensors for fluidpressure input and output , pressure transducer, control panel with circuit board, USB output for data report and operating parameters download, LCD display, 3 bar set safety valve, pressure gauge and thermometer, stainless steel and corrosion resistant resistence, fluidloading and unloading valves, input and output ball valves, automatic pressure vent valve, preloaded expansion vessel. The unit comes fully assembled and wired, and tested both hydraulically and electrically.


- Heating systems test and verifiation

- Room temporary heating

- Under floor heating sytems screed drying

- Greenhouses and room emergency heating

Basic functions

- High and low temperature heating water production

- Electric power adjustable step by step from 1 up to 16 Kw

- Operating data storage

PLUS: Operation cycles setting:

- Manual open cycle set by user

- Cycle in compliance with the UNI 1264 technical standard

- Program suitable for flwing screeds

- USB output for test report data download