VG solenoid gas for gas

Robust gas solenoid valves VG for safeguarding and controlling the air and gas supply to gas burners and gas appliances.

For heavy duty use in gas control and safety systems in industrial heat generation.  

The gas solenoid valve VG is closed when de-energized. Opening: the applied AC voltage is rectified and generates a powerful magnetic field in the solenoid coil. The magnetic field attracts the iron core and lifts the valve disc from the valve seat, acting against the effective inlet pressure and the closing spring force. The gas solenoid valve VG opens and the gas supply is released.Closing: when the voltage is disconnected, the magnetic field collapses and within 1 s, the closing spring pushes the iron core with valve disc back onto the valve seat. The gas solenoid valve VG closes and the gas supply is stopped. The strainer in the inlet of the gas solenoid valve prevents deposits of dirt particles on the valve seat. The pressure loss through the strainer is very low.