Art. RG016/017 without pressure outlet closing - max inlet 1 BAR

Gas pressure fi lter regulators (RG016) or filter regulator (RG017). EC approval according to EN 88 Conforming to the following Directives: - 90/396/CEE (Gas directive) - 97/23/CE (Pressure equipment directive) - 94/9/CE (ATEX directive) CHOOSING THE REGULATOR It is very important to choose the right regulator. First of all, you need to know: 1. Inlet pressure (P1) available (mains) 2. Outlet pressure (P2) needed at the beginning of the burner ramp to cover the demand (Kcal or m3/h) (Q) Then choose the ideal regulator based on the following criteria: - the fl ow rate must not exceed 30 m/s (see table of ideal maximum fl ow rates below). If it proves necessary to exceed said fl ow rates, it is advisable to install an overfl ow valve from the VS202.