Art. RG016/017 with max pressure outlet closing - max inlet 1 BAR


The filter regulator in the RG017.1x range consists of a fi lter regulator RG017.0x coupled with a max pressure slam shut-off valve. It consequently behaves like a slam shut-off valve regulator but when the adjusted pressure accidentally exceeds the slam shut-off valve pressure setting, the latter is automatically tripped and a fullyindependent bell closure cuts off the gas fl ow upstream, making the whole system entirely safe. The slam shut-off valve can only be opened manually and only after the cause of the problem has been found and dealt with. Also available on request in a version with a minimum pressure slam shut-off valve and no fi lter (version art. RG016.1x). Conforming to the following Directives: - 90/396/CEE (Gas directive) - 97/23/CE (Pressure equipment directive) - 94/9/CE (ATEX directive).