Type Dival 507-512-520-522

Dival 507 - 512 - 520 - 522 pressure reguiators dival series are spring loaded regulators with balanced plug, diaphragm command and contrast action by spring, suitabie for low, medium and high pressures. Divals and shut-off device series regulators are supplied with internal sensine line. Both regulator and shut-off device are preset for connection to an external sensine line by the customer, related to flowrate diagram on next page. They aro widely used either in civil or industriai plants, usino natural gas or lpg or non corrosive gas. Thanks to the concept of balanced plug to achiave a: - high flow rate coefficient; - high accuracy, even at maximum flow rates; - reduced lock up pressure zone and lock up pressure; - reduced response times; - no internal leakage at nui flow rate; - fail to open type; - periodical maintenance without disassembling the body from pipings; - possibility to incorporate the slam-shut (opso/upso) even on reguiators aiready installed, withuot modifying the existing pipings. Main features: - inlet pressure range bpu: bp: 0.5÷10 bar - bpu: 7.2÷145 psi mp / tr: 0.5÷20 bar - bpu: 7.2÷290 psi - max allowable pressure ps: bp: 10 bar - ps 145 psi mp / tr: 20 bar - ps 290 psi - outlet pressure range wd: bp: 15÷110 mbar - bp: 0.21÷44.2” wc mp: 80÷300 mbar - mp: 32÷120.5” wc tr: 300÷3000 mbar - tr: 120.5÷1205.5” wc - shut - off device setting range: wd opso bp 30÷180 mbar - wd opso: 12÷72.3” wc wd opso mp 40÷450 mbar - wd opso: 56.2÷180.8” wc wd opso tr 250÷5500 mbar - wd opso: 100.4÷2210” wc wd upso bp 6÷60 mbar - wd upso: 2.4÷24.1” wc wd upso mp 10÷240 mbar - wd upso: 4.0÷96.4” wc wd upso tr 100÷3500 mbar - wd upso: 40.1÷1406.5” wc - accuracy class: ac 5/10/15% - lock up pressure class: sg 25% max - temperature class: 2 (-20°c +60°c) - (-4°f +140°f) safety device and accessories: over pressure shut-off device (opso). Under pressure shut-off device (upso). Safety shut-off device for lack of feeding. Thermic valve. Relief valve. Integrated by-pass. The reset of the safety shut-off devices (wdenever present) is solely manual. Conforming to the 97/23 ce ped directive.