Rotary gas meters PN 16

Rotary meters are characterized by high measuring range and compact dimensions. Due to their measuring principle they do not require any straight inlet or outlet pipe section. Rotary meters have to be lubricated with oil. For easy access and control of the appropriate oil level the oil chambers on the front and the backside are connected to allow maintenance to be done from the front side only. The double direction index allows adapting the meter to any flow direction. The RVG is available with the latest technology of the Absolute En-coder S1D, which enables the most reliable readout of a mechanical index. The RVG-ST is the smallest meter line from G10 to G25. It has a threaded connection as standard. Optionally it is also available as flange version. The index of the RVG-ST is located in the gas area, while the RVG uses index variants outside the gas area in atmospheric air driven by a magnetic coupler. * Special versions: oxygen up to 10.