Electronic volume conversion device


Uniflo 1100 PTZ family

Uniflo 1200 is a very flexible PTZ gas conversion device covering basic battery driven conversion solution up to highly mains power RTU solutions. 

Uniflo 1200 is designed and approved to be placed in ATEX zone 1. 

Uniflo 1200 has 7 internal spaces for option boards which give you unlimited possibilities with our broad range of option cards.

Uniflo 1200 is borned with remote reading possibilities such as GSM/GPRS communication as well as PSTN communication. 

Uniflo 1200 has obtained all relevant metrological approvals and applies to the new MID-directive. 

Customer benefits

Long battery lifetime - 15 years

Compact and easy to install

Build-in datalogger functionality - PTB approved

Large number of option cards that can complement the measurement installation or later possibilities for upgrade at a low cost.

Superior features 

Z-calculation according to SGERG-88, AGA-8 or fixed factor

Long battery lifetime - 15 years

Can be used for orifice metering by use of a special input card for DP-sensors. 

ATEX approved option cards - all approved for ATEX zone 1: 

HF-card for Namur input: 

Supports two HF-inputs in the same card including error curve compensation. 

Pulse input card: 

Supports two LF-inputs from external meters. 

Alarm input card: 

Supports two alarm inputs from door alarms, filter alarms, slam shut valve etc. 

Analoge input card: 

Supports 3 analoge 4-20 mA input signals 

Analoge ouptut card: 

Supports 2 analoge 4-20 mA output from the gas conversion device. 

Communication controller card: 

Supports GSM/GPRS and PSTN commonication

Supports tailor made commonication protocols 

5 Volt DC power input card: 

ATEX approved power input for applications that requires mains power supply. 

Non-ATEX approved option cards:

Internal GSM communication card: 

Supports GSM and 2-way GPRS communication. Also possible in ATEX solution with an external ATEX box. 

Internal PSTN communication card: 

Supports PSTN communication. Also possible in ATEX solution with an external ATEX box 

Internal 230 Volt AC power input card 

Analoge output card - active 

Two 4-20 mA analoge outputs - active.