VP000.10 compact pressure switches

GENERAL FEATURES OF SERIES VP000.10 • ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION: Mode of protection - Explosion proof: EEx-d IIC T6 and T4 (EN 50.018) - Dust-protected enclosure:IP65 T85°C - T135°C (EN 50.281) Certificate no. CESI 02ATEX118 Degree of protection IP65 (NEMA 4). • ENCLOSURE: case and cover copper free aluminium alloy, threaded coupling with tamper proof device. Epoxy exterior painting, grey colour. Cable entry: 1/2-14 NPT-F. Terminal block: suitable for wires section 1,5 mm2 (minimum 0,5 mm2). Insulating material to VDE standard. Earthing screws: one inside, one outside. Max section of earthing wires: 4 mm2. • ELECTRIC CONTACTS (see point 1.4 overleaf) One micro, SPDT or DPDT, with fixed dead band. • SENSOR: diaphragm with antagonist spring. Wetted parts: see point 2 overleaf. • RANGES: from vacuum to 100 bar (see point 2 overleaf). • SET POINT: adjustable throughout the range. Repeatability: better than 1% of span. Scale: the instrument is fitted as std. with an approximate scale of the set point indication. • MOUNTING: surface or direct (std.), 2" pipe (with optional bracket). • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE (operative limit 1): - 40 /+85°C • MEDIA TEMPERATURE (operative limit 1): sensor code V: - 30/+110 °C sensor code T: - 30/+110 °C sensor code M: - 30/+200 °C • EQUIPMENT: certified according to Directive PED 97/23/EC Annex I Category IV Modules B+D Directive ATEX 94/9/EC Group II Category 1/2GD Annex III+IV 1 In accordance with ISA S51.1.