Cooling fan - water spray

Nice one fan for open space, an oasis of a fresh zone, immediate, economic and natural: the new water system atomizing nozzles reducing the temperature and produces a winds of health.the cooling with water mist is based on a simple physical phenomena: the nebulized water evaporates at room temperature. I take the tiny particles energy required for the evaporation when in contact with hot air absorbs the heat. The effect is a lowering of temperature, which also falls below 15 ° c compared to the surrounding air.cooling is proportional to the amount that evaporates water (up) address the cold air is heavier than down. This system works through a high pressure pump that pushes the water at a high pressure with specialiatomizzatori (nozzles) which directs the mist desired area without bathroom or increase the humidity. Cooling system that works and also in outdoor areas where there is one big air exchange with internal external ones.