Manual valves type AKT

Application : for isolation of light and heavy fuel oil, water and all gases to dvgw code of practice g 260/i and air. Certification : classification of manual valves pursuant to the pressure equipment directive 97/23/ec: pressure accessory. Fluid group 1. Diagram 6, annex ii. All nominal diameters up to dn 25 are covered by article 3, para. 3 under ‘sound engineering practice’ and are not provided with a ce mark. Nominal diameters dn 32 to dn 50 are covered by category i. Since an approval (type-examination) has been issued pursuant to the gas appliances directive 90/396/eec, these valves are not covered by the scope of application of the ped in accordance with article 1, para. 3.6. Nominal diameters dn 65 to dn 250/200 are covered by category ii and are marked with ‘ce’ followed by the reference number of the notified body.