Pressure switch for gas type DG

Pressure switch for gas dg control of gas and air pressures negative pressure cut-out for gas and air and for low voltage indication for limitation value ec design tested and certified internationally approved suitable for biologically produced methane resetting device not lockable (versions h and n) special-design pressure switches application field of application in acc. With en 1854. For gas, air and fumes. Switching ranges from 0.4 to 500 mbar the pressure switches dg can also be used as special-design pressure switches as defined by vdtüv code of practice "druck 100/1" (pressure 100/1) for applications in gas fired installations for steam and hotwater generators in acc. With trd 604, para. 3.6.4. Diaphragm pressure switch, silicone-free; with microswitch diaphragm: nbr upper housing: plastic, glass fiber reinforced lower housing: alsi pressure die cast ec type-tested and certified design in accordance with the gas appliances directive (90/396/eec) in conjunction with en 1854.