Recovery gas tank car unit

In accordance with Legislative Decree 209/03, of the transactions made in the safety of life vehicle, is expected to do the extraction and combustion gases contained in the fuel tanks on the vehicle to be scrapped, which must be carried out at the center of collection.

To help businesses meet this obligation, we have developed a device called the ''gas recovery unit "and designed to drain and fuel tank inerting of LPG and CNG. 
In the case of cars with LPG,''gas recovery unit "is designed and built for the recovery of the liquid phase, the elimination of LPG vapors through a post-combustion flussazione associated with nitrogen in order to make the LPG tank hardened and made in nitrogen atmosphere. 
In the case of cars with CNG,''gas recovery unit "makes the elimination of methane through an afterburner associated with a flussazione nitrogen, so that, even in this case, the tank is tempered and made in a nitrogen.