Lpg thermodensimeter


Portable apparatus to determinethe vapor tension and gas weight of liquefied oil (L.P.G.).
This type of apparatus enables to contemponary determine the vapor tension and the weight of the liquid with one reading thermometric – manometric - densimetric.

The lpg thermodensimeter is an instrument equipped with hydrometer (thermometer and hydrometer) that allows to identify the product density LPG to a given reference temperature, through a simple and safe withdrawal of product within a cylinder of transparent verification, tested and verified for operating pressures up to 18 to.

The hydrometer, contained inside the transparent container, floats entering inside a small amount of product to be tested and allows to detect the density, the temperature of the product. By comparing with a table ASTM-IP supplied with the instrument, allows to identify the composition of the maximum of the product of two major components: propane and butane.

The identificazine of the product can be requested both by the Authorities (UTF for example) or also from the property to verify the product just received from the refinery, in the event of specific orders of product (minimum percentage of maximum Propane or butane).