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Case kit, torch, 450gr cartridge and Benzomatic...

Case kit, torch, 450gr cartridge and Benzomatic adapter

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Gas Welder Torch Kit with adjustable flame, piezoelectric ignition and anti-tip valve. Compatible with 7/16" cartridges.


The soldering iron is also equipped with a piezo button which guarantees greater ignition speed and greater ease of use. The aluminum handle ensures greater durability and sturdiness of the appliance. The handle is equipped with an on / off button that allows instant shutdown. Thanks to its enveloping flame, the TURBO burner allows very high temperatures to be reached to the full advantage of welding speed. Technical and functional characteristics: Longlife aluminum handle Very high power turbo burner Fine flame adjustment tap Instant on-off switch Piezoelectric ignition 7/16" cylinder connection ( connection most used internationally) Anti-rollover system (for welding with the torch upside down)