Prodotti Rochester

Prodotti Rochester

 ROCHESTER GAUGES is an inseparable part of the LP Gas industry history in the United States. Gas Equipment Company, Inc. (GEC), parent company of Rochester Gauges, Inc., dates back to the beginning of the LP Gas industry.
IN 1937, M.J. (Milt) LaDue founded GEC which was exclusively dedicated to the emerging LP industry. He began his career as a manufacturer's representative for Bastian-Blessing, a producer of welding equipment. He provided welding and LP equipment to the entire South until, seeing the great increase in demand for LP equipment, he founded GEC.

IN 1958, Rochester Manufacturing Company of Rochester, New York, manufactured liquid-level gauges for the LP industry. GEC, then a longtime distributor of the LP gauges, arranged to buy the LP gauge line from Rochester Mfg. and moved it to Texas forming Rochester Gauges, Inc. of Texas.

BY THE MID-SIXTIES, GEC achieved a great level of success with the Rochester LP gauge line. Rochester Gauges of Texas & GEC successfully negotiated to obtain the majority of the remaining Rochester gauge lines.
 TODAY, Jack LaDue is the president of Rochester Gauges. He started working in the warehouse in 1950 and worked his way up. He was a key in the organization of Rochester Gauges of Texas and in the development of the prestigious Rochester liquid-level gauge.

Skeet and Jack's sons continue the family tradition. Skeeter LaDue is GEC President. Kevin LaDue is Administrative Vice President and oversees the Mexican operations. Rick LaDue is the Rochester Vice President responsible for marketing and sales. They manage the day-to-day operations with the same commitment to quality and service as their forefathers.

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