LPG gas cylinder heater

LPG gas cylinder heater

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Open flame cylinder heater, 2 heating settings, LPG gas cylinder housing up to 15 kg and piezoelectric ignition.


Cylinder stove SF700.06ECO in matt gray steel. The SF700.06ECO cylinder stove is an infrared heat generator with a nominal power of 13.5 KW, capable of producing heat for small or large outdoor environments. The SF700.06ECO heating stove is a patio heater, made of matt gray painted steel: the flame runs along a glass cylinder resistant to high temperatures and subsequently the heat is radiated by the reflector into the surrounding spaces. The "Living Flame" effect creates an emotional environment and a heat that is also perceptible to the eyes. This appliance is the ideal solution for heating outdoor areas such as public and private premises, with low consumption costs thanks to the LPG gas supply. The appliance has an average nominal consumption of 0.90 kg/h and is suitable for heating an external surface of approximately 20 . The SF700.06ECO stove is equipped with a device for regulating the power of the pilot flame with 2 speeds in order to ensure greater autonomy and versatility. The stove also has 2 practical wheels for ample freedom of movement after the appliance has been switched off. Intended for outdoor use only. Furthermore, the appliance is equipped with a safety system, ready to switch off in the event of overturning. To use the appliance, a kit is required (pressure regulator with fixed setting 29 mbar, 150 cm flexible gas pipe, gaskets and clamps) not included in the product package.

13.5 Kw
982 g / h
53x186 cm
Coverage area
15 - 20 m2
Cylinder accommodation max
15 Kg
Tipologia riscaldatore
a cilindro

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