Fuel Shutoff Valves

Positive action safety valves, not operated by external energy , built for the purpose of intercepting the flow of fuel to the burner to prevent the temperature of the water, in the delivery circuit of the system, from reaching the boiling temperature value.

The valve closes by:

• Drilling or cutting the capillary and/or sensor bulb. ATTENTION: Since they are positive action valves, in this case it is no longer possible to reset the valve.

• Raising the water temperature until reaching the calibration point. In this case it is possible to rearm the valve only if the temperature drops by at least 10 °C compared to the calibration value indicated on the label.


• The original calibration report is supplied with each valve. In addition to the technical data of the valve, this document also contains the serial number which is also shown on the seal attached to the valve body. The document is stamped and validated by the INAIL technician who assisted in the calibration.

• It is advisable to keep it with extreme care as in case of loss it is not possible to issue duplicates.

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