Addressable 30-zone detection control unit

Addressable 30-zone detection control unit

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Gas leak detection control unit mod. GCU430 addressed 30 zones


The GCU430 is a control panel that allows the detection and interception of dangerous gases using remote gas sensors communicating with the control panel via a digital protocol. This unit is part of the GCU series and is capable of managing up to 30 sensors in the area to be protected.

The GCU430 is a wall-mounted control panel based on a high-performance microprocessor. The control unit can be configured to meet the most particular use needs.

The following parameters can be modified using the menus accessible from the touch screen display.

Number of sensors: 1 to 30

Type of gas to detect: flammable, toxic or asphyxiating

Three alarm levels for each sensor that can be associated with any of the three alarm relays

Alarm relay storage

The GCU430 is equipped with terminal blocks dedicated to:

Fault, alarm 1, alarm 2, alarm 3

Two auxiliary alarm output signals (BMS, fire control panel, telephone dialer, etc.)

Digital signal coming from the sensors

Input for external alarms (e.g. fire control unit, buttons etc.)

Marking and Normative References
UNI EN 50194-1
Operating temperature
from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Alarm signaling
Optics (LED) and acoustics (Buzzer)
Degree of protection
Power supported
230vac 50 / 60Hz
digital Rs485
Gas alarm threshold
Detection areas